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Orders Management
Our skilled team is responsible for handling customer's concerns efficiently that allows us to develop meaningful relationship and also provide a timely and complete response every time. This, in turn, enables our employees to realize their potentials and to understand their important roles in fulfilling the customer's needs.
Data Security
We maintain optimum level of monitoring and security to provide safety for the given data. Round-the-clock video monitoring has been installed to deter any attempt made to misplace and mis-transmit data. All our terminals are equipped with the latest antivirus software and strong firewalls.
Servers and Connectivity
We have maintained our own dedicated servers to upload and download large files. Heavy volume data are transmitted back and forth using the same. Our facilities have two sets of high capacity broadband lines that never fail.
NTDAS team have continually been the most efficient and professional group of individuals. Fast turn around time coupled with cost effective prices is an incredible bargain for our clients. You can always count on our team.
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