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The title search process involves examining all documents recorded on public records that are filed against owners or a legal description of the desired property.
Current owner search involves searching for the details of the present title holder of the subject property and the latest deed with consideration. A Current Owner Search contains information pertaining to taxes, vesting, liens, legal description. We can also provide copies of documents (upon request). We will research back to the last sale of the property. This report is similar to a Prelim Title Report from major title companies.
A Two Owner Title Search is for the last two owners in the chain of title of the subject property. This type of search report contains information pertaining to taxes, vesting, open liens, legal description. We can also provide copies of documents (upon request). We will research back to the prior two sales of the property.
This search is conducted by pulling all relevant deed documents and identifying the latest vesting deed. Details like property address, parcel number, owner's name, legal description, and tax information are captured and included in a detailed report.
We also perform an update search on the subject property from the date of the last search to the current date. A report is provided on all the documents posted and recorded during the period.
Reports Current owner search providing ownership, liens and encumbrances, tax information and full legal description
Deed Reports Provides guarantor and guarantee, recording information and legal description
Legal and Vesting Reports Provides current vesting and full legal description
Mortgage Verification Reports Verification of mortgages and lien position for collateral property
Foreclosure Reports Two-owner search designed to confirm current title coverage and obtain subordinate lien (voluntary and involuntary) needed to facilitate pre-foreclosure
Recording Services Recording services in all 50 states including e-recording in over 1,000 counties
There are many kinds of deeds that can be used such as Quitclaim Deeds, Grant Bargain & Sale Deeds, Warranty Deeds, Special Warranty Deeds and other forms of deed transfers. Spring Techno Solutions can prepare most deeds that do not require an escrow such as transfers that add children, add a spouse or add a third party like a business or living trust to your deed. We can also prepare deeds that remove people or entities from deeds for reasons such as death, divorce or other matter that requires parties on a deed to be removed.
To determine ownership and identify any conditions and restrictions affecting the use of the parcel being acquired, obtain a title commitment report prior to purchase. NTDAS, Inc. requires that the local government unit or nonprofit obtain a title commitment report prior to purchase and a title insurance policy following purchase of a property.
Basic flood determinations provide you with a Standard Flood Hazard Determination Form (SFHDF), needed for compliance purposes, and the flood zone information necessary to determine whether flood insurance is available or required.
We provide the latest tax information with delinquency, foreclosure and tax sale details with redemption amounts back to all delinquent periods as applicable for the real properties. We work online, call the tax offices, send a fax or mail to collect the tax information from the local tax authorities. We go back to find all and any delinquent taxes and provide redemption amounts for up to two months ahead with the current year taxes.
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